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What is Mesotherapy Hair Loss Treatment and Does It Work?’

Hair mesotherapy is the process of providing nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, some antioxidants and protein needed by the hair cells to the middle layer of the skin where the hair follicles are located by injectors with sterile and disposable sterile mesotherapy needles. With this method, nutrients are transferred to the hair follicles differently. Hair loss could be prevented by ensuring good nutrition of the hair.with this easy-to-apply method.

All the nutrients that hair cells need are applied to the scalp easily with this procedure. It is not a surgical procedure and is therefore considered a solution to hair loss without pain.

The number and gaps of treatment sessions in the analysis made are determined based on the age of the patient, the rate of hair loss, the rate of hair loss and the texture of the hair.
İt should be taken in to account that pregnant women, lactating women, those with immunological diseases, cancer patients, diabetics, and anticoagulants are not suitable patients for hair mesotherapy.